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Generally, short codes consisting of a 4-5 digit mobile telephone number are used since these can be entered quickly and are easy for customers to remember. Such short codes cannot be reached from the fixed network. From mobile networks, they can be reached by voice calling, SMS or MMS, allowing services to be used and billed from mobile phones.

Depending on the service offered, the rate for a short code can be set between € 0.29 and € 9.99 and applies uniformly on all networks.

Billing takes place via the mobile phone bill of the customer. As a result, the collections risk is borne by the mobile network operator and not by you as service provider.

Over 2 billion SMS messages are sent every month in Germany. Take advantage of this simple and uncomplicated method for sharing information as part of your customer communication. Mobile phones have become our perpetual companions, making them an ideal channel for constant contact with customers.

To support your customer loyalty and marketing measures, we offer you our assistance in sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages via our systems. You can send messages to many recipients at once using our interfaces.

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* Fixed price 14 ct / minute, mobile maximum price 42 ct / minute